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Defensive Driving-  Traffic Survival Workshop
Our National Traffic Safety Institute sponsored Defensive Driving Course is offered at our 12 Colvin Ave. location and can help you save up to 10% on your car insurance and take up to 4 points off of your Driver's record. Please call our office at (518) 459-2040 to make a reservation today! You must bring your license/permit with you to the class, as well as your mask. 

$45.00 credit or debit only
(we will call to confirm your reservation the Friday before
 and can process payment at that time.)

SUNDAY August 8, 2021 10AM-4PM

SUNDAY September 19, 2021 10AM-4PM

NEW- On-Line Defensive Driving- 
Traffic Survival Workshop

If you prefer to take the Defensive Driving Course on-line, click on the link below.  The course is sponsored by The National Traffic Safety Institute (NTSI).  You will need your driver's license handy in order to register for the course.

 Click Here For NTSI On-Line Course Link

(We feel that taking this course in a classroom setting will give you a better understanding of the topics covered and will give you an opportunity to ask questions and interact with other participants.)